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De kid’s castle seeks to develop a child to a well rounded individual by helping him/ her grow physically, socially, emotionally and educationally. We create an environment for learning which is innovative, stimulating, tolerant, and enjoyable and which encourages intellectual inquiry and curiosity; and inspires each student to his or her full potential. We participate with the kids in what they do and put an effort to decipher their little perceptions to take it one step further.

De kids castle school provides a safe, secure, loving atmosphere, in which your child can experiment, explore and create. Under the guidance of our diligent team of teachers and in small class settings, we hope to help your child build a good foundation for life.

The curriculum and methodology is constantly updated to keep pace with changes in educational reforms and research. Equipment is also updated in order to implement changes in the curriculum.

De kid’s castle has appropriate developmental activities that are selected to achieve the following goals-

Salient features
• Foster positive self confidence.
• Develop social skills.
• Provide hands-on activities to encourage children to think, reason question and experiment.
• Develop reading, language and math skills appropriate to the child’s level to prepare him/ her for future schooling.
• Enhance working memory, physical development, and literacy and numeracy skills.
• Encourage creative expressions, appreciation for the arts and respect cultural diversity.
• Well equipped computer lab.
• CCTV. Monitoring.
• Other activities- Table tennis/ Skating/ Dance/ Outdoor games etc.

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